Online Rummy Game Rules

The online 13-card Indian Rummy, which is available on the Mega Rummy app, is played with two decks and has two Jokers in total. The goal is to arrange the 13-cards on your hand under valid sequencing and sets, as fastly as possible. Apart from the basics, the general rules of the online rummy cash game are mentioned below.

Rules of Online Rummy:

The game moves in a clockwise direction

In the game, cards are dealt in a one-at-a-time manner

The face-down deck is the stockpile and the face-up deck is the discard pile

Games are comprised of 2-6 players with 2 card decks

Each player gets 13 cards in total

A random card is selected to be the Joker or Wildcard of that game

Players must pick and discard cards in order to form the 13-cards on hand into valid sets and sequences

A set is a collection of cards of at least three or more, with the exact face value but has to be in different suits

A set with two cards of the same face value, but of the same suit, is considered an invalid set (e.g: in K♥ K♥ K♦, where two K's are in the same suit, i.e. “♥”)

A sequence without a Joker or a Wildcard is called a Pure Sequence

A sequence with a Joker or Wildcard is called an Impure Sequence

The winner of the game is the player with the fastest valid declaration

A valid declaration contains a minimum of two sequences, which includes a pure sequence.

Benefits of Playing Rummy at Mega

The primary reason behind choosing to play online rummy on Mega is the numerous benefits that are offered on the platform. Fun and enjoyment for the player base are promoted by Mega, which is why responsible gaming is encouraged. This helps to protect players against the negative effects of gaming, through their age verification procedure and by spreading awareness about accountability while gaming. Apart from these, the other crucial benefits of playing rummy at Mega are:

Verified Player Profiles

At Mega, you will be playing against real and genuine players. They run age verification and overall check and only allow profiles that are 100% verified. This is done in order to maintain the authenticity of their game's matchmaking system. Mega ensures a safe gaming experience, where you can earn real money from playing online rummy.

Certified Gameplay

To guarantee game fairness for all participating players, Mega rummy uses the authentic shuffling mechanics and Random Number Generator, also known as RNG. These systems are all certified by iTech Labs, based in Australia, so there are no reasons to raise any suspicions about the game and you can enjoy playing rummy properly.

Zero Tolerance Regarding Deceptive Practices

Once again, to provide players with a Fairplay system and maintain game integrity across all tables, Mega implements frequent security scans and checks on their platform. These are randomly done, in order to detect complicity or any possible deceitful activities on the app. With a zero-tolerance policy regarding deceptive practices, Mega immediately bans such players and profiles from the platform.

Privacy and Security of Data

By selecting Mega, the topic of security and privacy doesn't stand out as a concern for players with the platform's assurance of keeping all player data secured. Mega's best-in-class architecture and strategies are utilised in order to safe-keep all your data, so you can enjoy playing the game without any major problems.

24x7 Chat Support for Customers

If you are stuck with a query or have any game-related issues, you can always ask for assistance from Mega's 24x7 chat support system. Your questions will be answered quickly, so you can resume playing Mega Rummy online.

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